Hubert Wenger Award

In 1996 the Polar Libraries Colloquy (PLC) passed a motion at its 16th meeting in Anchorage, Alaska establishing the Hubert Wenger award to commemorate Hubert’s outstanding contribution to polar libraries. The award was amended in 2014 at the 25th annual meeting in Cambridge, UK to include some travel expenses. The award is funded though the proceeds of the Circumpolar Auction held at each Colloquy. Donations to the award are welcome.

The purpose of the award is to provide financial assistance to one or more delegates who might otherwise be unable to attend a PLC biennial meeting. The award covers the full cost of registration for the meeting and up to $400 in travel costs. Delegates who have received two Wenger awards in the past are not eligible to apply for further funding.

To apply for an award, contact the PLC Secretary:

Laura Kissel
Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program
134 University Archives
2700 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Applicants should provide the Secretary with:

  • their curriculum vitae
  • the title and abstract of their proposed presentation. The presentation should be a full paper rather than a poster.
  • a cover letter or email stating why their organization is interested in participating in the PLC meeting.

If an applicant is from an organization that has recently attended a PLC meeting, it is expected that the applicant or his/her organization will have paid the latest PLC membership dues.

Deadline for application is March 31 of the year of the Colloquy meeting. The next deadline is March 31, 2022.

Hubert Wenger Award Recipients

  • 2016 Stefano Biondo, Centre Géostat, Université Laval, Québec, Canada
  • 2014 Joë Bouchard, Centre Géostat, Université Laval, Québec, Canada
  • 2012 Lisa Adamo, US Geological Survey Libraries Program, USA
  • 2010 Gloria Hicks, Roger G. Barry Resource Office for Cryospheric Studies, National Snow and Ice Data Centre, USA
  • 2008 Mary Katherine Jones, University of Troms∅, Norway; Sharon Rankin, McGill University Library, Canada
  • 2006 Irina Merkina, Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, Russia; Ruth Duerr and Allaina Howard, National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • 2004 Mary Katherine Jones, University of Troms∅, Norway; Barbara Kelcey, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Canada; Rae-Lynn Patterson, Nunavut Arctic College, Canada
  • 2002 Victoria Churikova, Kamchatka Province, Russia
  • 2000 Victoria Churikova and Ludmilla Ignatenko, Kamchatka Province, Russia; Nikolai Mechtcherski, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia; Valentina Markusova, All Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, Russia
  • 1998 Valentina Markusova, All Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, Russia