Honorary Membership

The Polar Libraries Colloquy presents Honorary Memberships in recognition and gratitude of those members who have made an outstanding contribution to the organization. As per the Constitution of the Polar Libraries Colloquy, the status of Honorary Member may only be conferred by a proposal from the floor and agreed to at the business meeting. Honorary Members do not pay fees, but maintain the right to vote and to hold office.

Polar Libraries Colloquy Honorary Membership Recipients

Martha Andrews (2004)

G.A. ‘Nita’ Cooke (1996)

Nora T. Corley-Murchison (1996)

Julia Finn (2018)

C. Ross Goodwin (2018)

Ronald ‘Ron’ Inouye (2018)

H.G.R. ‘Harry’ King (1996)

David Walton (2016)

Beatrice Wenger (1996)